rich cacao & nut torte

This recipe creates a super rich velvety chocolate torte, perfect for any last minute dinner party. One small slice of plant-based heaven provides an intense chocolate flavour, with nutty praline undertones. No cooking skills required!


Firstly, make sure you’re coconut oil is at room temperature and soft. Measure 180g into a large mixing bowl and beat with a spoon to ensure there are no hard or cold lumps.

Add in the 200g smooth nut butter and continue to beat to prevent any lumps. Any smooth nut butter is suitable – almond, peanut or cashew – whichever you prefer or can get hold of.

Mix in the 180g maple syrup to continue forming the batter. It is quick and easy to measure this in grams whilst on the scales. No extra washing up is needed!

Sieve the raw cacao powder into the mixing bowl to finally bring the batter together, to create the molten chocolate goo.

Line a small loaf tin with baking parchment paper. Make a thin layer of chopped mixed nuts on the bottom of the tin and add one third of the chocolate mix. Freeze for 30 minutes, then add another thin layer of nuts and one third of the mixture again. Continue to freeze and repeat this process to create three layers and top with final chopped nuts. The torte will need freezing for 4 hours in total.

To serve, keep at room temperature for 1 hour before slicing. Will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days… Not that it will take you that long to finish!

RawGluten Free


180g coconut oil

200g smooth nut butter

180g maple syrup

180g raw cacao powder

100g finely chopped mixed nuts



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