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24th August 2016

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Colchester Vegan Fair

Saturday 20th August 2016 saw the third Colchester Vegan Fair flaunt itself in style. From 11am the crowds flocked endlessly to find something new, delicious and inspiring.

This was a first for The Moral Munch, as we set up our new products and designed the stall alongside Joanna Taylor bespoke-foraging-florist-extraordinaire (instagram @joannataylorworkshop). All earthly unrefined nature-inspired themes took hold as we carefully placed our potato sacking, wild berry arrangements, wise old tree stumps and our modest brown paper packaging.


Our stock included raw superfood bircher brownies (usually available at The Nourish Co.) packed with omega-filled seeds, high protein hemp, naturally sweet goji berries, mulberries, high fibre oats… and much more! Cookie dough energy balls made from simple wholefoods dates and oats never tasted so good and these flew out the jar as the perfect on-the-go filler. We debuted our lovingly hand-squeezed almond milks infused with flavours such as spiced chai, as well as raw no-nasties nut butters and super-grain cous cous salads.

Other inspiring friends-of-the-earth plant-based foodies at the fair included The Nourish Co. (www.thenourishco.co.uk), V Catering (http://vcateringco.tumblr.com/), The Den at 23 (www.thedenattwentythree.co.uk), Food by Lizzi (www.foodbylizzi.com) to name just a few. The full listing and photos can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/colchesterveganfair/photos/?tab=album&album_id=526842544175393

Find The Moral Munch at our next event in October – details will be announced on Facebook!

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UK registered Dietitian • Obsessive foodie • Plant-based blogger • Recipe magician • Free-from

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24th July 2016

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The Nourish Co

One of the first projects The Moral Munch was faced with after starting this tasty journey was creating delicious health-inspired sweet treats for the newly-established vegan cafe The Nourish Co. Signature raw super-food brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough energy balls and raw banoffee dessert pots are just a few of the contributions we are lucky enough to provide to this popular cafe. Just look out for The Moral Munch stickers!

Now celebrating 10 months of business, The Nourish Co. (of St Johns Street in Colchester, Essex), has grown a loyal vegan-feasting customer base. This snug hideaway upcycled cafe is tucked beside a guitar shop, completing that hipster atmosphere and creative inspiration. Take away the ready-made on-the-go lunches, sit in with a friend and catch-up over a unique health drink or herbal tea, or simply browse through the mini in-house foodstore. Though small on every scale, The Nourish Co. packs a serious punch with a variety of flavourful nibbles and their eco-friendly vibes.

We met with owner, April, and Nourish-ing friendly face, Cleo, to chat about the ever-growing vegan hype.

Why do you think more people are happy to eat vegetarian and vegan foods?

April: “People are far more aware right now of the health and environmental benefits of eating a plant based diet. I believe there’s been a significant change over the last couple of years, where vegetarian and vegan products have rapidly become more available and accessible to consumers, which has supported this positive movement and allowed people to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet with ease and support.”

Cleo: “I think the rise of healthy eating in the media has meant people are finding it easier and more desirable to eat vegetarian or even vegan foods. There is significantly more awareness about what we are putting into our bodies.and as demand keeps increases, blogs and cook books have started popping up offering new and interesting recipes that are not only nutritious and tasty, but also very simple to follow. The more people try, the more they realise there ARE good alternatives to meat and feeling the benefits is a big incentive to continue. ”

What’s popular at the moment at The Nourish Co.?

April: “Since opening in October last year our delicious protein packed mushroom and lentil sos rolls have continued to be our best selling product, closely followed by the addictive Moral Munch cookie dough balls! We have a few other staple items which we don’t dare take off our menu anytime soon like our in-house smoked aubergine ‘BLT’ sandwiches and wholesome mixed vegetables.”

Cleo: “As the warm weather has kicked in, we have seen an increasing demand for our salads and fresh sandwiches. Our raw cakes are always popular – the lighter, fruitier pots sell well as a delicious portable treat to enjoy in the sunshine.”

For anyone who hasn’t visited you yet, what would you recommend for a first-timer at The Nourish Co.?

April: “One of our brand new delicious toasted wrap and salad boxes, a sos roll for snack time, a mouth-watering Moral Munch dessert pot and a cooling bluebird iced tea! That will have you set up for the day!”

Cleo: “I’d definitely recommend one of our legendary sos rolls! A ‘moral munch’ cookie dough ball to takeaway is also a must… The perfect size to pop in your bag and then find later on, reminding you that nourishing your body doesn’t have to mean depriving your taste buds!”

The Nourish Co. 

36 St. John’s Street, Colchester, CO2 7AH

10am-4pm Monday-Saturday

Susanna Author:

UK registered Dietitian • Obsessive foodie • Plant-based blogger • Recipe magician • Free-from

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